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 "THE MONEY TRAIL" is also known as "Chain Gang Massacre".  In this action/adventure film, Armando Scarpelli, wealthy drug lord, will pay a bounty to anyone who can spring his son, Lenny, from prison.  As Lenny works on a prison chain gang, a jailbreak is attempted...and botched.  Lenny escapes into the woods with one of the prison guards. They are pursued by cops, and by thugs who are trying to collect the $2-million bounty.

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Festival Screenings

  • 15 MINUTES OF FAME, Palm Bay Florida (click here)
  • TREASURE COAST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL , Port St.Lucie, Florida.  Nominee: "Florida's Choice Award".  (click here)
  • GEAUGA FILM FESTIVAL, Chardon, Ohio.
  • BAD FILM FESTIVAL, New York (click here)


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