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"THE MONEY TRAIL". Produced by husband-and-wife filmmakers, Ray and Migdalia Etheridge.

Click on any photo to enlarge it. All photos copyright 2009, Etheridge Productions/Golden West Films. Permission granted for newspaper and magazine reproduction.

In the photo below, Alan Tucker,

(Patrick Campion) keeps a watchful

eye on his prisoners.

"He's dead...I shot him!"

Migdalia slates the "dead body".

Patrick Campion records his music video for "Get Off The Money Trail".

David, Migdalia, Johny, and Shane are ready to start shooting.

Michael Overbay signs the cast photo at the screening/world premiere of "THE MONEY TRAIL" at the Tropical Days Inn Resort, in Palm Bay.

"The cop's not coming with us!"

Johny Fontaine as "Barry Tucker"

Johny Fontaine as "Barry Tucker".

Migdalia makes David look "tired and wounded".

"You shot my brother!..."

Blank ammo was used for gunfights.

Migdalia congratulates Johny Fontaine for his role in the film.

A great crowd at the premiere of "THE MONEY TRAIL"

The awards ceremony.