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"THE MONEY TRAIL" - Click on any photo to enlarge it.

"Taylor" (Tom Myers), and "Cooper" (Chaz Roberson)

"Bromey" consoles a dying "Cooper"

"Bromey", "Taylor", and "Cooper".

Producer Migdalia Etheridge, assistant Greg St.Pierre, and Bill Bresch

A "Deputy" (David Newman) has his gun on "Bromey" (Bill Bresch).

"Bromey" gets the drop on Officer Caldwell (Mark Marshall).

Camera assistant Michael Overbay waits to slate the next scene.

"State Police", (Ken Verderame)

Camera assistant Evan Nichols slates a scene.

Ray and Migdalia welcome "Officer" David Newman

"Gunner" (John Lopez), and his partner-in-crime, "Nelson" (Andrew Swenson)

"Caldwell" (Mark Marshall), loses the battle.

"Gunner" (John Loper), "Nelson" (Andrew Swenson) and "Norm" (Rudy FoReel)

"Alvin", played by Billy Quinn.


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