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More production photos from "The Money Trail". Click on any photo to enlarge it.

"Is he dead?"

"Armando Scarpelli" (Gil Cannatella) is arrested by Greg St.Pierre

A pizza break between scenes.

"Leon" (Julian Cuevas) smuggles items to "Lenny" (Shane Andries).

The "Drug Lord", played by Gil Cannatella

"Frank Norwood" (David C. Frazier) has his hands full with his prisoner.

Ray decides where the next camera shot will be.

Migdalia goes over lines with Julian Cuevas and Shane Andries

Ray and Migdalia with Gil Cannatella

"Lenny Scarpelli", played by Shane Andries.

"Tell your friends to drop their guns!"

"Alan Tucker" (Patrick Campion) asks his brother for help.

"Norwood" and "Lenny" are Alan Tucker's prisoners.

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