The cast screening and "World Premiere".

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Screening at the "15 MINUTES OF FAME" Film Festival

The screening and "world premiere" of "THE MONEY TRAIL" was on January 16th, 2010, at the TROPICAL DAYS INN RESORT in Palm Bay, Florida, to an audience of more than 50.

Director Ray Etheridge welcomes the audience.

Actors were introduced to the audience.

Gilbert Cannatella, "Armando Scarpelli"

An eager audience of family, friends, and "public".

Tom Myers, "Taylor" and his wife eagerly await the show.

John Loper, "Gunner", and his agent.

A discussion on "special effects" after the film.

Johny Fontaine, "Barry Tucker", signs the cast photo

John Loper without his "prison uniform".

David Frazier, "Frank Norwood", signs the guestbook.

"Arresting Officer" Greg St. Pierre

"State Cop" Ken Verderame signs in.

Mark Marshall, "Ofc. Chris Caldwell".

Patrick Campion, "Alan Tucker".

Director Ray Etheridge welcomes visiting filmmakers.

The "Drug Lord", Gilbert Cannatella.

Migdalia hands out the award certificates.

World premiere of "The Money Trail"

2010 Treasure Coast Film Festival

2010 Treasure Coast Film Festival